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This technique produces such a high vibrational level, that dense energies are emotional, mental or physical pain come off our system very easily, giving the practitioner a sense of relief and deep peace.

Tameana is a deep vibrational work, which elevates the vibration of the body to higher scales to modify what does not correspond to that scale of vibration. It works from the non-mind or the non-logical, being carried away by the feeling and opening to the energy of the heart. It is a powerful work that drives each individual to experience their transformation at different levels depending on the state of consciousness of each being.
The essential thing about this practice or teaching is to become aware that everything is vibration, sound, light, thoughts, matter, everything absolutely everything is vibration. When we manage to perceive and integrate it, we can experience the influences that cause everything that surrounds each other and reciprocally how each being influences what surrounds it.
Tameana is a very old practice that was born to help us have perspective of what we experience, it is a door to our recognition. It helps us to have not only one perspective but multiple perspectives of what we believe we are perceiving. We record it as experiences that are printed as a vibration scale.

How does Tameana work?

Tameana, the Sacred Triangle or Salush Nahi, as these ancient practices from the stars in ancient Lemuria are defined, works like a portico that leads us to understand the reciprocal relationship between all things.
It is a very simple and orderly practice from its structure and method, it works with a simple structure but with great capacity to condense large volumes of energy and direct them precisely according to the vibrational scale being worked.
It is an experience capable of awakening the seed of Being with our original spirit from the profound modification of the vibration of each cell of our body.

Tameana benefits

It will show you the temporality from this state of consciousness as non-linear, so the understanding of past, present and future will lose its meaning. During practice the divisions of time in past, present and future function as a unit, there is no division.

You will be able to connect with different perspectives and perceptions of experiences thanks to the energy work that is carried out with the help of quartz crystals that help to enhance the vibration with which you want to work and harmonize the chakras, tuning into our own being.

The work that is done with the quartz crystals creates in each being the will to reach fullness, this causes in our inner process whatever in our evolutionary moment, an important transformation process at several levels.
The benefits of the practice are noticeably perceived at a physical, mental and emotional level.

  • Neurological balance, balance of both cerebral hemispheres
  • Full body relaxation
  • Activation of functioning in organs and systems
  • Stress elimination
  • Release of anguish, depression and harmful fixations.
  • Emotional unlocking
  • Increase of energy and vitality, helping to restore a better quality in health and well-being.

How is a Tameana’s session?

In a Tameana session you work with quartz, they can be of different sizes and characteristics, they do not need to be master quartz. The quartz are chosen depending on the type of work that is to be carried out, if it is an individual work they are chosen smaller and if it is a group session they can be larger. Quartz acts as vibration amplifiers and depending on their size and qualities are used for different jobs.

Quartz is always arranged geometrically, either creating a vibrational field near the person with whom you are working and in turn aligning with the chakras or on a platform in the center of the group when a group or Puja session is held. In any of the works it is intended to raise the vibration by activating the quartz energetically. This generates an energy amplification that helps to potently raise the vibration of the field or area bounded by the geometric figure generated by the quartz.
The therapeutic process is different in each session. The vibrational intensity that is generated in each patient depends fundamentally on the response to energy probes that are performed at the beginning of each treatment. Here it is determined in what dimension and depth this synchronization process is performed.
The degree of openness and experiential impact generated by each session is unique because each alignment process carried out affects all levels of the person’s existence
In the session the consultant does not need to speak or tell his situation, he just relaxes and enjoys the session that the therapist carries out with Quartz Crystals and symbols for each chakra.


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    About the Tameana technique

    Tameana brings us a highly effective energy. This technique produces such a high vibrational level, that dense energies are emotional, mental or physical pain come off our system very easily, giving the practitioner a sense of relief and deep peace. These sessions in particular move stagnant energies, open paths and lead us to a sense of unity and connection, since a constellation is formed with the quartz that people carry and that represent each one. This union of energies is the universe and the energy produced in the session is pure love, says Amsler.