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I love experiencing harmony in my life experiences, as well as learning how to generate that harmony. Which is why, for a few years now, I have dedicated all my time and energy to cultivating that ability in several ways. Something that I call “tuning” (the instrument that I am). Along my path I have found several ways of getting in tune, and that tuning helps me feel an internal harmony and express it in the form of harmonious life experiences. The more I choose to serve the good of Everything, the more I get in return from Everything. And this is what is worth learning and sharing for me: Embrace everything, completely, and you will be completely embraced.


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“During my life I have lived with a weight on my chest that kept me from breathing well. I have suffered asthma, several allergies, I would catch a cold time and again. I say this in the past tense because all of this was gone after a workshop and six individual sessions. I discovered that the weight on my chest was the sadness of having been abandoned by my biological parents as a child. And the rest of the symptoms were related to feelings of rejection and guilt. Almost 3 years have passed since I participated in the workshops and therapies, and while I haven’t kept engaging in tapping on my own, there is no hint of allergies or asthma. Now I know that I would have a cold all the time because my body was telling me that I was cold inside. Now I am at peace with my biological parents and I accept the warmth of my foster parents, and my own!”

CC · Madrid · Spain


 CarrLife put Pedro in my path, with whom I practiced two levels of EFT. What got me the most was his way of transmitting it, from the heart, with lots of passion. You could tell that it was as natural for him as breathing, which made everything so honest and real, as he is. It isn’t the therapies themselves, but rather the therapists, that are the gift. Sometimes I use it in my therapies and with myself; it is simple and useful – the Tapping given by Pedro is a true gift. I wholeheartedly recommend it!

Ana Carrión · Spain

A friend recommended me to learn tapping to release stress; he said it was quick and that it worked. I am a stockbroker and have always worked under stress. I participated in one of Pedro’s workshops and loved the technique and his way of teaching. Indeed, I stopped being stressed at work, which has had a positive effect in my quality of life at work, but I also use it to focus better, be creative in my approach, to feel motivated and optimistic, and to create a mental state that fosters success. EFT has become a golden tool for prosperity in my office and in my life.

Joaquín Soriano · Spain