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If you need to find yourself, we offer you a unique setting, the tools and the company to follow your path.


We share and bring people all that things that have transformed our lives.

We love to create personal transformation spaces and experiences.

We foster diverse practices with a single purpose: A Focus on Unity.

We create meditation experiences, yoga, emotional liberation techniques, conscious dance and systemic constellations to help experience and understand life’s perfection.



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Alicante, a Mediterranean paradise with 300 days of sun a year and an average annual temperature of 19°C. Blue beaches and mountains and springs turn this into a perfect location.

Alicante is our main destination for retreats. A Mediterranean city with direct flights to all major cities in Europe.

A jewel of the Mediterranean, with a privileged climate; its combination of beaches and mountains, in conjunction with its aura of telluric power make this site a magical place – ideal as a setting for transformation.


We provide tools for self-cultivation and a favorable environment to facilitate your blossoming.


Come live a unique experience


We are a couple of LIFE scholars. For us, a true life is one that oozes love, fortune and emotion.

pedro sánchez

Founder & Facilitator

yamila mercado

CEO & Facilitator


“The retreat has been so intense and marvelous that I have no words to describe what I feel. You are awesome and I hope that you keep doing what you do for more people. You are beings of light and love, my heart is full. Absolutely recommended.”

Marina · Spain

“I have no words to describe everything that changed inside me in three days, since the very first to the very last moment. Thank you so much “

Cristina · Spain

“I cannot describe with words how much you have taught me in just a single weekend. You have created a wonderful group with lots of love. You have taught me to manage my emotions and heal them. I came out a different person. I could see the things that keep me back to work on them. There is no doubt that you are now in my heart”

Mónica · Switzerland



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