our retreats

The retreats are in Liberation sacred spaces, physically and temporarily. That is why we only choose people, places and practices that move and amaze us.

All our retreats are channeled and serve a specific purpose.
Likewise, all our encounters respond to a common purpose:

To feel, recognize and understand life’s perfection through direct experience and help us to translate it into our daily lives.


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Why do I need a retreat?

The ability to sit in silence is a powerful experience. Without intrusive work emails, an exciting series of Netflix, project lists, household chores and other everyday concerns, you are free. A spiritual retreat is a rare opportunity in our modern life that allows us to truly let go of everything and travel inward.

What do you do on retreats?

Retreats can be very varied in content, although in our retreats the backbone is meditation, and more specifically the non-dualistic approach, close to advaita vedanta. Whether it is yoga practices, mindfulness, passive or moving meditation, systemic or liberation work, the focus is always on observing and witnessing immanent consciousness, beyond any dynamics that are used.

Where can I make retreats?

There is currently a varied offer of retreats. At Libremocion we work with different locations, and spaces. Although many of our retreats are held in Alicante, you can also enjoy some proposals that we develop in other locations such as Murcia, Castilla La Mancha, Andalusia, Catalonia or northern Spain.

What are the best places for a retreat?

The best place is inside you. We always look for environments that encourage silence and connection with nature, however, although it helps a lot to enjoy the stay, it is not the decisive factor. The best place to enjoy a retreat is the one that helps you to be right in tune with your feelings. Our locations are usually natural sites that facilitate the natural harmony with the environment.

Benefits of Retreats

No matter how many retreats you’ve made, each one is different and special. Our retreats are held in a tranquil environment to inspire you to see things that you can usually leave out, for example, the pleasure of exchanging smiles with strangers, how incredible it is to see birds fly and the satisfaction of being able to experience your body and sensations by receiving them with warmth and pleasure, enjoying a meal in stillness. As one of my yoga teachers said, “We’ve never been here, now, before. Can you recognize this?”
When we arrive at a retreat, we are a boiling broth of conflicting thoughts, emotions and sensations in the body that, almost without our participation, the entanglement causes uproar, confusion and anxiety, often resulting in impulsive actions: meditations, tantrums and even the desire to leave.

How long are the retreats?

Generally the retreats are held during a weekend, so that it is more affordable at the time for most, although we have more extensive formats aimed at deepening the practice.