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Meditation retreats are increasingly in demand in Spain and in a growing number of countries. Whether they are spaces reserved for the exclusive practice of meditation or in a combined format with other practices or disciplines the phenomenon has been growing and branching out for centuries, but especially in the last decades. Those who attend meditation retreats are usually moved by the need for a vital change, or by the need to pause the noise – inside or outside -, find solutions to big questions, obtain clarity to make important decisions, or remember their authentic essential identity, among other possibilities. These spaces give us the possibility to stop on the way, to listen to our inner voice with clarity, and to rest deeply from the tiring character that usually governs our daily action. These types of events are an incomparable framework for making contact with what is truly important to us and often allow us to experience at times the state we seek to achieve through external elements in our daily lives. Meditation puts us in direct contact with the understanding we seek in books, the love we seek in relationships, or the peace we seek when we strive for financial security. In this sense, is it not logical that there is an increasing practice and demand for meditation retreats?



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Weekend meditation retreats are also becoming more common, and in the West this makes a lot of sense, as not everyone can go on retreat for a week, 10 days, or a month having stable jobs with fixed schedules, family, or other social commitments. These events are becoming, perhaps for this reason, more and more recurrent and affordable plans for all kinds of people from different social backgrounds – with everything from free to luxury retreats being available. The weekend meditation retreats allow us to have the necessary time to make a more superficial contact, but more accessible to the majority. And those who have tasted a small part of the honeys of meditation, usually make time in their agendas for more extensive retreats to deepen as well as for daily meditation practice. In any case, it is in this last one, where any meditator will have to focus his attention if he wants the fruits of his practice to be bigger and bigger, and his life to grow in harmony and sense. Meditation is something to be taken to every aspect of life, not something to be done only in an isolated context, but usually without the facilities of such contexts it is difficult to have a sufficient approach to fall in love with the practice. And for the latter, you will find few evenings as suitable as weekend meditation retreats.

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