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The joy of simplicity

A silence retreat is an opportunity like few others exist to deepen the life experience. In the silence everything is seen more clearly, including of course the noise. After a retreat of silence, it becomes absolutely evident that the most annoying of the noises that disturb my peace is the one that I generate myself. We often find ourselves reading for understanding, practicing for liberation, or chatting for understanding, but often, if these actions arise from discomfort or fear, they end up becoming noise. And only in the absence of noise am I able to really start listening. To listen to what is truly important to me. A retreat of silence is an invitation to put everything aside and at the same time put everything in the center, but from a diametrically opposite perspective. Antoine de Saint Exupéry once said “Perfection is not achieved when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing more to take away”, and this is evident in this type of event, in which the truth strips As you remove layers of “duties” and “wants”, as you become simple and enjoying the simple.

As this happens, it becomes evident that this character with his own name, which is so important to me, cannot offer me anything he truly wants, because everything that really moves me, what really makes my moment extraordinary , happens when that character is out of the game, in perfect silence. And very often, the only way we find to allow ourselves to be enveloped by the silent magic is in a silent retreat.


Retreat & silence:

Two doors to the “Grand Suite”

Retreat and Silence are two ways to return to the truth, if we understand both concepts with the depth that honors them. A retreat, as we understand it in FREEMOTION, is a space in which I move away from everyday inertia to approach the transcendental experience -even through the most daily practices-. Silence, on the other hand, is also an invitation to the depths of experience, to abandoning our habitual way of living and perceiving in order to discover the intensity of subtlety. If we give ourselves the opportunity to combine retirement and silence and commit ourselves to both, we will necessarily be putting ourselves in the hands of a powerful experience. For true power, that which we long to feel, and which we falsify in so many ways, only emerges when it can, which is precisely when we stop substituting it for false powers, for thoughts of power, for powerful appearances, for circumstances that make us feel powerful. There in the midst of the total innocence of those who do not feel anyone, the power of those who, by not defining themselves, are being everything. But sometimes it is difficult to recognize yourself in the song of a blackbird, or in a trickle of water, when I am repeatedly affirming who and how I am. As we have learned that what works best for us is to make it easy for us, we invite you to experience retreat and silence with us on one of these dates.


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