Juan Carlos gimenez
Vipassana Meditation · Kriya Yoga


Vipassana Meditation · Kriya Yoga

He has been teaching more than 10 years, he has taught in Spain, India and China. He studied marketing at the university of valencia, studied the first three years, he dropped out of university to help to the family business, he became general manager of the business with 50 employees.

The death of his mother, divorce with his ex- wife and economic crisis of the company, happened at the same time that developed high level of suffering it maked he thought about the essentials of life. At that moment he realized that he was living the family expectation and no what he really wanted.

He stopped everything and started the path of self-knowledge, he does courses of: Tibetan bowls, tarot, game of attention, manifestation dreams, quiromassage, Three level of kriya yoga os babaji, master of reiki, teacher of yoga, several meditations retreat of vipassana and one sattipattana as goenka’s teaching. Traveled to India and Nepal, meeting yoguis to go deeper into wisdow. Voluntered at school in India and Nepal.

Traveled to Thailand where he did course of thaimassage until therapeutic level, traveled to Myanmar where find the essential teaching of vipassana. Doing a retreat with monks.
He wrote the book of meditation “ Learn for yourself for one day meditation.”


Vipassana Meditation vía Sattipathana · Kriya Yoga Babaji path ·  Thai massage · Reiki · Sound Therapy · Tarot


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“Knowing Juan Carlos is the best thing that has happened to me. It sounds like an exaggeration. But not for me. I guess you wonder why, and the answer is that he showed me a treasure: the vipassana technique. Thanks to the technique, I am witnessing that with perseverance, patience and awarness, that a gradual mind transformation is possible.


My meditation teacher’s essence are characterized by three virtues: hubleness, honesty and humanity. On the other hand, something I’d like to emphasize: Juan Carlos always talk about his experience for you to enable to integrate in your daily life. In other words, the abstract and theorical concepts are not part of his talks.”


Ana Marti · Spain

“I believe and have faith in Vipassana meditation. It’s not a blind faith, thus I prove its benefits in my daily life. There’s a before and after. I’m very grateful for my practice, I’m very grateful for my teacher, Juan Carlos. I meditate in my normal life, integrating the meditation every time into more in the daily activities. Also into talking, listening, writing…
The time is the same, but it feels different. It’s not like you do more things but more awaken. I’m less my body and mind, more the body and the mind. The being that observes. I have looked at the concept of love. Every time my love circles is wider.
Everytime i suffer less.”

Conxi Martí Baile· Spain