Event Planner & Facilitadora


Libremocion’s Event Planner · Kundalini Yoga teacher and Tameana

Since her youth she has been passionate about event organization, decoration and the building and care of social relationships. In the year 2012, after the failure of her marriage and the bankruptcy of her company, she goes through a personal crisis that leads her down the path of acceptance, impersonal love and self-knowledge. It is then that she learns about Kundalini Yoga, and after falling in love with it, she decides to devote herself to learning it and sharing it professionally. She later trains in Tameana and starts giving lessons to her inner circle. Finally, the world of event organization and her spiritual calling come together in Libremoción.  

¿Why Silvia?

We chose to invite Silvia to be a part of the framework of Libremoción due to her sensitivity, her magnificent resource management skills, and her openness to building something beautiful and valuable with us. We know well that she loves to build relationships and enjoys helping people feel at home. This is why we can’t think of a better hostess for Libremoción’s events.


Kundalini Yoga · Tameana


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“Although I am new to the practice of yoga, the classes with Silvia are very easy for me to follow. It explains everything in a very clear way and the affection he puts in each class, his state of tranquility and concentration is transmitted, so it is very easy for me to relax and follow her.”

Sonia · Spain


“Silvia is the best yoga teacher I’ve ever met. And I practice yoga for 25 years. She makes my body and my mind are one with the universe..”

Lirios · Spain


“Silvia respects your rhythm, your body, your feeling. Listen beyond your words. It welcomes you, contains you and comforts you. It’s not” just “yoga … It’s yoga with love and respect.”

Vanessa · Spain