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discovering biodanza

Dance, accompanied by a deep connection with life, can be a way of meeting an incomparable vitality. With this practice, we connect with our deepest and relationships with others and the world.

Biodanza is a wonderful experience that has so many levels that it is simply not possible to summarize all its facets and possibilities in several sentences. On the simplest level, it is about connecting with others, feeling the states of joy in your body, living free of stress and anxiety, and giving you back a feeling of happiness for being alive.

It is a great way to meet and connect with people on a real level and make new friends. Through connecting with the state of being through the dynamics of the group and the energy created in the class, we will learn to expand our sense of humanity. You will learn how to integrate into a group at the level of friendship and love. Your humanity and ability to love and accept love will surely grow. It can also be considered as moving meditation. It makes you completely present in this instant, and in the happiness that comes with it. It is living a stream of energy and pleasant sensations through the body, through movement, through communication with music and attunement with other people, in dance.

What is biodanza?

Biodanza is a system of self-development that uses music, movement and positive feelings to deepen self-awareness. Its objective is to develop the ability to create a holistic connection with oneself and emotions and express them.

Thanks to a combination of simplicity, lightness and therapeutic depth, Biodanza, created in the 60s by the Chilean psychologist Rolando Toro, has spread throughout the world and has millions of followers.
Biodanza’s theory reflects the latest research on the interdependence of physical, emotional and biochemical aspects of our human existence. Biodanza restores and releases human capabilities: vitality, sexuality, creativity, sensitivity, transcendence.

What is it for?

Biodanza is another way of deepening through the development of a connection with creativity and love. This improves our relationship with the pleasure of life, the ability to generate new ideas and express love for nature, other people and, of course, ourselves.

Biodanza can expand our consciousness, celebrating life and love, learning and exploring. Thanks to this, we can get a genuine experience, in addition to unparalleled moments. Let’s go deep.

It also does not require any requirements. Anyone can practice it. Everyone can do Biodanza. We are dancing, but in such a simple way that anyone can do it. You don’t need to know how to dance. In fact, there are not even steps to learn, it is very easy. Many dance methods focus on people, but Biodanza focuses more on group dynamics, on group experience. Gradually, through the connection with other people, effortlessly and lightly, a full dimension of a new experience that is accessible to live opens. The feelings of isolation and loneliness dissolve. You are no longer separated. You are connected to everyone, and they accept and love you simply because it is you.

    Benefits of Biodanza

    Biodanza helps you expand awareness through movement. It helps you develop your potential harmoniously, experience the present moment with intensity and be in harmony with yourself, others and the world. This implies learning to live here and now, in and out of practice.

    Biodanza emphasizes vitality because it gives the possibility to explore what kind of connection we have with life, according to the environment in which we live. Therefore, it contributes to a healthier relationship with everything around us. In addition, it helps us to value what life gives us and what we can learn from each experience.

    In biodanza different exercises are made from life stories. The experience is divided into several stages or stages: greeting, warm-up, celebration and farewell. Through each of them, a sensitive learning process is carried out, in which everything around us is appreciated.

    Among its numerous benefits are:

    • Stress Reduction
    • Strengthening of the immune system
    • Improvement of flexibility and coordination.
    • Integration of thoughts, emotions and actions in the moment
    • Facilitate communication with the essence of life
    • Mental health promotion.
    • Improves communication and the ability to interact with the environment.
    • Opening of conscience.
    • Increase creativity.


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    FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

    Biodanza history

    Biodanza was created by Rolando Toro in the 1960s. He was a psychologist and anthropologist and taught Anthropological Medicine at the Faculty of Medicine of Chile. He was also a professor of art and creativity psychology at the Institute of Aesthetics of the Catholic University of Chile and a professor at the Inter-American Open University of Argentina.

    At the psychiatric hospital in Santiago del Chile, he experimented with dance classes for psychiatric patients and obtained surprising results. He expanded his research, practicing with healthy people, and finished structuring the theoretical model in 1966.

    In addition, from 1974 to 1998, Rolando conducted research on the effects of Biodanza on psychosomatic diseases such as Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease in Argentina, Brazil, Italy and Switzerland.

    In 1984, Rolando Toro students brought Biodanza to Europe. He himself moved to Milan in 1989, and the Biodanza movement spread through Italy, Portugal, Spain, England, Holland, Germany and France.

    In 2001, Rolando Toro was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for his contribution to the development of humanity through the Biodanza system.


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