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La constelación familiar puede describirse como un árbol genealógico vivo, construido y representado por cualquier miembro de la familia

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what are constellations?
The family constellation can be described as a living family tree, represented by any member of the family and includes elements of psychodrama. The family constellation is original in form and theoretical approach and has a surprising effect.
A family is a unique system, pattern, mosaic, constellation. In this constellation, every person, every “star”, even the smallest, plays a role. The exclusion of at least one line, one detail, one star on this star map changes the whole picture, alters the balance. And then within this constellation, within this family system, discord arises and diseases appear.

In a session, the creation of the family constellation tries to discover the unrecognized dynamics that span several generations in a given family and to eliminate the harmful consequences of this dynamic, which leads the subject, through representatives, to know and accept the real reality of the past.

Today there are several main types of constellations, but each of them involves a creative approach and improvisation:

  • Family (resolution of family conflicts)
  • Structural (solving problems at work, getting rid of fears, treating alcohol and drug addiction)
  • Organizational (to solve problems in labor groups)

What does a family constellation session look like?

In a constellation session, the person involved who is going to constellate the problem, the constellator and the representatives (group members) participate. They are held with a group of 5 to 25 people. First, the person who is going to constellate his system as briefly as possible, without unnecessary emotions and details, expresses the problem and selects the participants as family members and relatives. One person acts as the one who is going to constellate and his problems.

Then, the client organizes them in the room space as he or she sees fit. And then he sits down and silently monitors the development of the situation: how these people communicate, talk about their thoughts, emotions, fears, look for a solution to the problem.

In the course of the work, everyone begins to feel an inexplicable connection with the one who is constellation of their problem. The representatives feel emotions, experience and express thoughts and feelings that do not really belong to them. This striking effect is called substitution perception. And the space from which the group therapy participants receive this information (remember that these people are random and unfamiliar with who is constelecting their problem) is a morphic field.

The methodology of Hellinger’s constellations is based on the scientific research of Carl Gustav Jung, more precisely, his collective subconscious. But Jung understood this as the entire general subconscious of humanity, making a division only into races. The German scientist, on the other hand, works with a specific family, the client’s clan, including his close relatives, already deceased, as well as lovers and other important people.

The main source of all current problems, according to Hellinger, is the family network. That is to say, an unfinished process in the family, breaking ties, etc., whose victim is the one who comes to watch.

There are three main laws of first order, whose restoration will help a person to understand the causes of his problem and overcome it:

  • The imbalance between the “take” and “give” relationship. The point is that each family member must take and give an equal amount (no matter: money, love, help, feelings).
  • Place in the system. Each member of the family must take his or her place in the family, regardless of his or her social, personal, and societal status. He died, died in war, left his family or was not born due to abortion; he is still in his empty place in the family tree. The loss of at least one link in the chain can create problems for posterity.
  • Hierarchy in the family. The role of the father-son must be clearly observed in the family. If someone does not assume his own role (e.g. a child is forced to take care of mom or dad from an early age), then he cannot build his own life.

If you want to help from one of these powerful sessions do not hesitate to attend our next retreat where we will work with this wonderful tool.



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