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what is ecstatic dance?

Ecstatic Dance is a rhythmic and musical journey through our rich and moving inner worlds. An invitation to our wildest and most authentic freedom.

Ecstatic dance is meditation in motion. It is a dance of connection and surrender to body wisdom, a dance with yourself on the canvas that is life. It has no fixed structures, nor does it aspire to achieve goals, its sole purpose is exploration and creative expression throughout the body. Its premise is to surrender freely, beyond the mind and limits. It allows to open a new, unexplored and healing interior space through body awareness and movement.

Each session is a journey through a rhythmic path that invokes feelings, emotions, interior landscapes, and organically leads us to vibrate in our individuality, collectively through a sensory ocean. The sessions are created to be safe spaces for self-exploration and awareness and are guided by a facilitator

It is the dance of emotional and bodily reconciliation, pleasure, innocent curiosity and personal astonishment.

What makes Ecstatic Dance different from other disciplines?

Ecstatic Dance traces its origins to the year 2000, and its roots are nourished by the 5 rhythms of Gabrielle Roth, and the Burning Man festival, although it differs from this practice in that it has a broad view on free dance and only has the premises of Without substances · Without words · Without shoes

In a broad sense Ecstatic Dance defines any free dance event that invites participants to move and express themselves as they wish and has a wide variety of influences and traditions.
The common goal of Ecstatic Dance is to provide an open space, with musical support for free movement, connection and community. It is absolutely playful and exploratory.

The ecstatic dance sessions can include live instruments, a variety of types of music from tribal to more etheric music. In general they are designed as musical trips with a rhythmic progression where each DJ / facilitator proposes their sessions with the music that resonates most.
The sessions may present a central theme or not. The facilitators do not verbally guide the dancers, and the group does not follow a common physical discipline.

Practices instead include a specific structure, objective and required training.

Do I need experience or knowledge to practice ecstatic dance?

It is not necessary to have any previous experience, or know how to dance. It is not a class based on knowledge, but on self-exploration, so you only need to be open to free experimentation through the body and expression. It is suitable for all ages, physical states, capacities, sizes and shapes.

This dance provides the context to let you go, disarticulate, turn your mind away, and allow you to be free to move and express yourself. There is no way to do it “wrong” because it is about experiencing YOUR unique and personal way of moving. Its versatility allows you to dance only if you feel it or interact with others, depending on your mood or moment.

Its structure allows us to open spaces of consciousness and meditation, to explore our wildest freedom. Eclectic, rich and deep music is the guide that accompanies you on the inner journey where each individual gives himself to his particular way of being and shining through his creativity.



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