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Is midfulness for you?

Practicing mindfulness in Alicante is a real privilege. Its warm beaches of golden sands, its Mediterranean climate and its eternal sun, make plunging in meditative practice a real delight.
You limit yourself and emotionally harm yourself in hundreds of different ways every day. You don’t even realize. Our own mind becomes a source of limitation and suffering when we freely allow its activity. We invest too much energy in unnecessary habits, beliefs, anxieties, convictions, evaluations, ideology and interpretations. We are so used to it that we have normalized it
But there is another way to LIVE.
When we develop mindfulness with mindfulness meditation practice, we better learn to take care of our internal processes, which are usually left to chance. Consciousness has the ability to clearly and impartially recognize your emotions, thoughts, physical sensations, reactions, motives, evaluations, beliefs and habits so that you can live your experiences from another perspective. Do you sign up to practice with us?

Practice mindfulness in Alicante

Although our activities focus on yoga and meditation retreats, we have one-morning workshops that you can enjoy on a regular basis.

We know that the practice makes the teacher, so we have developed an affordable format for group practice in Alicante.

If you want more info about it, send us a whatsapp or complete the form and we will be happy to give you more info about it!

How can mindfulness help you?

Mindfulness allows you to act effectively and at the same time helps you to enjoy life, to realize your potential, to notice problems at the stage in which they occur and solve them quickly and effectively. Without the development of consciousness, you live blindly. You cannot choose your thoughts voluntarily, so they happen by themselves, by habit, on autopilot. That entails some negative aspects such as the following:

You fall into cycles of negative, defeatist or limiting thoughts.
● You get carried away by unpleasant emotions that affect your mood and your health.
● You unquestionably listen to your limiting beliefs.
● You are too worried about the future.
● Judge and condemn the behaviour or thinking of other people.
● You blame yourself.
● You often feel offended.
● You hold on to limited perspectives, ideologies, attitudes or knowledge.
● You justify your negativity.
● You manipulate others.
● You often feel angry.
● You ignore your intuition signals and your body signals.

These loops make you suffer every day. Even at every minute, that’s why it’s important to have tools that help you get out of these vicious circles.

What is it for?

Mindfulness teaches you to take care of your internal processes. For example:

  • What thoughts do you have.
  • What emotions do you feel.
  • How clear is your mind regarding an issue.
  • How developed is your ability to accept, understand, forgive, let go (thoughts, events, people, circumstances).
  • How much do you sabotage your growth and progress?
  • What are the negative thoughts that make you suffer? What are the old thought patterns you want to abandon?.
  • How do you feel about yourself? To what extent do you accept yourself? How much do you love yourself?.
  • How much do you forgive?.
  • How do you handle your attention?
  • How do you manage your energy?
  • How clear are your values ​​and how much can you follow them?
  • How much do you accept responsibility for the quality of your life (as opposed to the victim’s thinking)?
  • How developed is your intuition?
  • How well can you listen to your body?
  • How capable are you of following healthy behaviour instead of choosing banal entertainment?
  • How much do you recognize and free yourself from the negative and limiting influence of culture and society?
  • How developed is your impartiality?



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