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what is soundtherapy?

Soudtherapy is a technique to harmonize a person’s physical and mental energy through sounds or vibrations

A person is a live resonator that responds to sound on several levels: starting from the physiological level, where the reaction can manifest itself in the form of changes in the body, ending with a synesthetic, producing the emergence in the mind of images, ideas or aromas .

A person is both a subject of sound perception and a translator – transmitter. One is connected to another: the external sound environment is reflected in the internal state, the internal state allows it to create a resonance with the manifestations of the external world. That is, exactly what frequency spectrum “we sound” happens in our lives.

What is soundtherapy?

Even in the days of ancient Egypt it was known that “nothing rests, everything moves, everything vibrates.” This law was known as the “Principle of vibrations” and consisted of the fact that all elements of the Universe, from atoms to planets and galaxies, are in a state of oscillation. Realizing that everything is vibration, perceived by us, including sound, the ancients sought to know their laws and secrets, thus approaching an understanding of the Universe.

For centuries in various spiritual traditions and world religions, man has used sound, in the form of mantras, prayers, hymns to the gods, ceremonial music and songs, to achieve elevated states of consciousness, as well as to heal the body and soul. Millennia ago, in Greece, Rome, Egypt, India, China and Tibet, there were mystical schools that possessed extensive knowledge of the healing power of sound. The surviving ancient texts suggest that the use of sound in healing was nothing more than a highly developed spiritual science. The basis of this knowledge was the understanding that vibration is the fundamental creative force of the universe.

What is it for?

If we consider the world as a field of vibrations, then we more consciously approach our own “sound landscape”, being aware of our “sound” and the impact of environmental vibrations on our being. Sound can take healing; The sound can destroy. It can become a tool to manage life, help reveal skills and develop qualities, and can cause failures in our lives.

    Benefits of soundtherapy

    1. Therapeutic effects: Musical compositions have a direct effect on various human organ systems, affecting the depth of breathing, the speed of neuronal pathways, heart contractions, muscle relaxation or tension. Due to the effects of therapy, changes in emotional state occur.

    2. Neurological stimulation: Sonotherapy is a good helper for neurosis, the regulation of psycho-vegetative reactions. Certain compositions lead to the normalization of the emotional background, help to form new communication skills, contribute to socialization, the formation of new strategies and patterns of life.

    3. Affects brain waves:

    Binaural sounds of a frequency difference of 1 to 4 Hz cause the appearance of delta waves that induce sleep as well as phenomena of lucid dreams.

    Binaural sounds whose frequency difference is 4 to 8 Hz induce theta waves associated with states of deep relaxation, meditation and creativity. Theta waves favor learning by improving concentration and focus.

    Binaural sounds of a frequency difference of 8 to 13 Hz induce the production of alpha waves in the brain favoring a state of relaxation, improved mood and anxiety. These effects would be explained by hemispheric synchronization induced by alpha waves.

    Binaural sounds of a frequency difference of 16 to 24 Hz induce the production of Beta waves. Consequently, they tend to increase concentration and alertness showing excellent results in the treatment of attention deficit disorder.

    4. It helps to balance the body: Healing sounds improve the immune system and help to enter an internal space of great well-being. The vibration restores muscle, tendon, joint and internal organs even reaching a repair at the cellular level.

    5. Reveals emotions: Currently, doctors are trying to treat people with music and guided images. They believe that this can help enter the subconscious, find and eliminate the root cause of anxiety and depression. Music can be the key to solving your health problem. In addition, you can reveal hidden emotions.


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      Soundtherapy History

      Soundtherapy has been known for several centuries. Even in the time of Pythagoras, Plato and Aristotle, the healing effects of music were mentioned. Avicenna: a famous doctor who used music in the treatment of diseases of the nervous system. In the modern world, the first serious mention of the use of sonotherapy goes back to the 19th century, when the French doctor Eskirol began to introduce music in psychiatric hospitals. This doctor relied only on his own intuition, but subsequently the therapy received a significant scientific justification.

      The first experiments on this subject were carried out in rodents. For approximately two months, the rats were forced to hear the same thing for 12 hours a day. It was Mozart’s sonata in C major. Listening led to the activation of the cortex of his brain; They seemed to be wiser. It turned out that after such sonotherapy, rodents began to run through the maze 30 percent faster than before. In addition, they now made mistakes 27 percent less frequently than common rats.

      Currently, it is actively used in psychiatry and other fields.

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