Tapping is a technique of a tremendously effective emotion release and very easy to learn and apply.


It is formidable in reprograming beliefs, values and attitudes, a surprising solvent of physical ailments.

This procedure uses tow widely documented psychological techniques:

  • Exposure (recognize the issue/problem)
  • Cognitive restructuring (we accept ourselves despite the issue/problem).

Using acupressure on the meridians that stimulate traditional Chinese medicine while we focus on HOW we feel to the negative stimulus we change our body’s response to it. While before the stimulus caused a conditioned response of stress in the body, practicing EFT modified the response in our brain with a positive association.

How does it work?

Gary Craig the creator of the technique explains what it is, how it works physically on our body.


Due to the wide incidence of the emotional factor in the problems one single technique conceived to release emotions can address so many issues. These are its origins.

Callahan and the phobias

Around 1970 the American psychologist Roger Callahan, discovered that his patients could be cured phobias in a single session.

From his discoveries he began working on the technique that he would later call TFT, that works with acupressure points.

Craig and EFT

Callahan`s system was simplified by a Stanford graduate engineer named Gary Craig, who gave rise to EFT.

EFT spread rapidly and gained popularity thanks to its extreme simplicity and effectiveness, this method has numerous studies behind it that validate its therapeutic approach, including randomized controlled test to measure EFA, pain, depression and anxiety.

Energetic Psychology

EFT is part of integrated therapies in energetic psychology.

They receive this name as they integrate body and mind, combining eastern and western approaches and it is considered to work in a holistic way affecting the electromagnetic fields of our body.

How it’s done

If you want to practice step by step visit our YOUTUBE channel and you will find tutorials on how to approach different issues.


To do tapping, you simply have to measure the intensity of what you want to deal with (an emotion, a feeling, a thought, a memory or a physical pain) and then make a statement of the recognition of the matter from the acceptance towards yourself.


After step 1, with your fingertips tap on a series of acupressure points on the face and body while staying focused on the matter to be treated these taps -called tapping- among other actions, help modify the emotional response.


Tapping on these points stimulates the energy flow of the body energy system by rebalancing its functioning. This positively affect your organs, cells and the reset of your body, as well as your psychological process. In this way we change the response of your body to the negative stimulus progressively breaking the linkage stimulus /stress response.


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