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Vipassana Retreats in Spain

An encounter with life.

Have you considered making a Vipassana retreat in Spain? What does Vipassana mean? Simply and basically “to see things as they really are”, leaving out distorted thoughts, expectations, labels, prejudices… It is about seeing the world as it is, in tune with the spiritual or transpersonal dimension of existence.
This definition, which seems simple, has nothing to do with the objective of seeing us or everything around us in this way. To achieve this, we must resort to a meditation that is thousands of years old and comes from India. It was forgotten and recovered after 2,500 years, and since then, it has been transmitted from generation to generation until our days.

Is it a religious practice?

However, Vipassana retreats in Spain are not associated with any religion. This discipline was extended thanks to Goenka, who experienced the benefits while meditating and decided to spend the rest of his life and economy spreading it all over the world.

A Vipassana retreat is not a meeting place for blind faith rituals, intellectual entertainment or escape from problems. It is a technique that eradicates pain or suffering, a peace of mind that allows us to see reality in a peaceful way, a new way of life to be able to live better.
Vipassana is meant for anyone, in a universal way.

What is a Vipassana retreat in Spain?

The practice of vipassana is Sila, Samadhi and Pañña. Sila (morality) provides the foundation of development for Samadhi (the concentration of the mind). And the purification of the mind is achieved with Pañña (the wisdom of kabbalistic vision).
When you enter the retreat, you should follow these guidelines:

  • Refrain from killing any creature or living thing.
  • Refrain from stealing.
  • Refrain from all sexual activity.
  • Refrain from lying.
  • Refrain from taking drugs, smoking or drinking alcohol.

If you follow these guidelines of morality, then you will be able to develop Samadhi, and thus be able to reach the Pañña.
For several days in strict silence, the participant deepens the path of meditation, fully inhabiting his body, while accessing states of understanding and inner stillness that make this experience a before and after existence.
Don’t worry if you don’t understand anything or if you have many doubts, because all this will be explained in detail, since our Vipassana retreats in Spain are guided and supported by meditators specialized in therapeutic accompaniment, so the participant can count on support and guidance if required.

What does it do for me?

One of the greatest benefits of this experience is the inspiration that comes from walking the attentional journey within a group of peers with a common purpose: to internalize and expand consciousness.
The Vipassana retreat in Spain is a powerful proposal of self-discovery and opening of the heart through which to balance the mind and unfold clear vision.



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