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In a world where haste and demand are the protagonists, a mindfulness retreat in Alicante is what you need.

In our mindfulness retreats we exercise attention as if it were a muscle. Ideas follow one another, move us in space and time, and we, every time we realize it, are conscious and direct our attention to the now.

One of the pillars is the non-judgment, neither towards our colleagues nor self-judgment, making this practice change the brain significantly and positively.

Why should you do a mindfulness retreat?

Mindfulness consists in living the present at every single moment without judgment. In formal practice, we adopt a comfortable posture and observe what happens in our mind, our body, our environment. We pause to observe a mind that jumps from one place to another in a frantic way. Let your body and mind relax for a few days, feeling all that appears and moves within you releasing as much as you need and giving space to everything you need in a deep way, such as inner peace, self-love, respect, freedom or happiness. A few days in an idyllic place like Alicante and all the beauty of its nature. Express your life, take some comfort in the present and enjoy everything around you thanks to mindfulness retreat. When the person requires to get in touch with his inner self, he must be ready for meditation and inner study, thus allowing a more harmonious encounter with his true self. At the time of such necessary introspection, a suitable environment is needed, an ambiance of silence, facilitating the inner fluidity with each of our senses and feelings.


Accompaniment through meditation.

To do this, let yourself be guided by experienced trainers in mindfulness retreats in Alicante, who will accompany you creatively in such an encounter through traditional meditation and other techniques of personal transformation. You will have the opportunity to discover the values that are within you within a framework of relaxation and exclusivity. Surrounded by the best atmosphere and empathy, with the incomparable setting of the province of Alicante as a backdrop and friendly hands to support you during your adventure. We will show you effective tools that you can easily use in your day to day after your stay, techniques that will allow you to fully get to the root of what you are and what you want to be. Feel the calm that you have been looking for in our mindfulness retreats in Alicante, ask for information without commitment and take the first step towards your well-being



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