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 Kundalini Yoga is a mixture of Bhakti Yoga (yogic practice of devotion and song), Raja Yoga (practice of meditation) and Shakti Yoga (expression of power and energy)

The basis of the practice of kundalini yoga is the kriyas, which consist of purification techniques of the organism combining breathing techniques and asanas that pursue a specific objective. Although Kundalini Yoga gives importance to asanas, it places much more emphasis on breathing, singing, and cleansing the nadis and releasing latent energy at the base of our spine.
The purpose of Kundalini Yoga is to awaken the kundalini energy that rests at the base of the spine. Two power lines move up and around the base of the spine, intersecting at seven points known as the chakras. Each chakra has a function that keeps us healthy. The rhythmic and constant movement of the kundalini asanas mobilizes the flow of energy and allows balancing any imbalance in the chakras.
The basis of the practice of kundalini yoga is the kriyas, which consist of purification techniques of the organism combining breathing techniques and asanas that pursue a specific objective. There are kriyas for almost everything you can imagine: strengthen certain organs, purify energies, combat certain ailments, so each class will be particular since it will be aligned with the objective you seek.

Benefits of kundalini yoga

Kundalini yoga is not based on any philosophy of asceticism has the goal of fitting into the daily routine of work, family and children, which makes it accessible to anyone who wants to get into their practice, since you do not have to be in excellent way to practice, nor do you have to commit your life to practice. However, the health benefits you can get are exceptional:

  1. Nervous system: Kundalini yoga strengthens your nervous system. Although during practice you can feel your body tremble when holding some postures, do not worry, since your nervous system is toning. The more temperate and resistant your nerves are, the more easily it will be to react calmly and calmly to any situation.
  2. Connection to the heart and trust: Kundalini yoga works on our heart chakra, teaching us to remain open and confident that the higher power will provide us with what we need when the time is right.It contributes to cultivating an attitude of acceptance, understanding that everything is fine, which allows us to be open to everything that life has to offer us.
  3. Intuition: The continued work with kundalini yoga allows us to get out of the jail of our minds, preventing us from wasting a lot of time analyzing the pros and cons of each decision to more easily listen to the response that is within us. The constant practice of yoga allows us to calm the mind to the point that our thoughts remain still and we can feel what our heart craves, and thus act from wisdom rather than from thought.
  4. Willpower: Kundalini yoga awakens your inner willpower not only through the different kriyas, but also challenging your resistance. By mobilizing the energy of the solar plexus it helps us to digest not only food, but also the events of the past and the limits that our minds impose on our day to day. We become much more able to process and digest events that happen and take the necessary steps immediately to balance our lives.
  5. Mental clarity: Kundalini yoga is very effective clearing the confusion of the mind. When the mind becomes clouded with various thoughts, the practice of breathing techniques that have proven effectiveness in reducing stress helps the mind to become crystalline, alert, focused, with a great ability to concentrate, improving memory and The ability to make sound decisions.
  6. Assertiveness and compassion: The kriyas work to unlock our energy centers, including the throat chakra that favors expression. If this expression is linked to the openness of the heart, our way of communicating becomes more compassionate, without prejudice, and our words become more grateful, kind to all those around us. Even when we have to verbalize difficult situations our communication will become more assertive, gentle and compassionate, expressing our deep feelings and not only from the mind.

Origin of the word Kundalini

The Sanskrit word kundal means “circular.” The female kundalī refers to a ring or bracelet. This concept was adopted as kundalinī in Hatha yoga in the fifteenth century and, in the sixteenth century, was used in the Upanishads Yoga. Since then the term Kundalini means “a spiritual energy or vital force located at the base of the spine,” which is usually represented as a coiled snake. Kundalini yoga is a synthesis of many traditions, and the kriyas and meditations in Kundalini Yoga are designed to increase complete body awareness to prepare the body, nervous system and mind to manage Kundalini’s energy.

Kundalini Yoga is one of the most widespread branches of Yoga in the West today.

This discipline is characterized by a devotional practice, as well as by the addition of different elements such as breathing exercises (pranayama), mudras, bandhas, songs, postures or asanas and meditations best known in the world of Yoga.

Kundalini Yoga is also characterized by its ability to mobilize stagnant energy, as well as to revitalize, invigorate and strengthen the body and the different systems that comprise it (circulatory, nervous, immune, lymphatic …). It is also used to address energy, emotional, physical or mental imbalances in a specific way through the practice of certain kriyas (series) that work with certain organs, emotions, mental patterns or energy centers (chakras).

This branch of Yoga was brought to Europe by Yogi Bhajan, spiritual teacher and Indian businessman, founder of the non-governmental organization 3HO.

The name Kundalini comes from Hinduism and refers to the work of this discipline with the vital energy seated at the base of the spine (first chakra). Kundalini Yoga helps activate and expand this energy through our different bodies (physical and non-physical) for the activation of human potential. The practice of this discipline effectively provides an internal force, a harmonic power and a mental clarity that we love to experience.



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